This year's theme is the Fairground...the person with the best stall gets a free stall next year!

Wayne, Pam and Rosie from ABH shall be attending 2013 Convention

Wayne has been within the tattoo industry for almost 26 years

Pam has been in the industry for 16 years.

They both enjoy tattooing all styles.

Rosie will also be tattooing her own distinctive style

Simon and Vikki Cooke from Ink Spot Tattoo Studio in Stoke-On-Trent have now confirmed and shall be showing us their skills within the Tattoo Industry. Check out their facebook page to see what they have done already!!/group.php?gid=131097093567106&v=wall

 Alternative Art Tattoo Studio in Northampton will be attending our show with artists Davide Marazzina, Charlotte Deeming, Esme Loasby & Natalie Rogers.

Greg Gregory started tattooing late in life taking an apprentice position at the age of 41. After 5 years in a studio he wanted something different. Being of Romany blood the trailer seemed to be a perfect choice so they fitted out the Airstream 7 years ago and have been doing a few shows over the years, NEC classics, Olympia Tattoo convention, Summer Jamboree in Italy, Ace Cafe, Rythm Riot, Hep Cats Holiday, and several other firsts. Having supported his hobby with a full time job he now feels its time to take the studio on the road full time and our convention is the first he will be participating in. See photo's in attractions for his tattoo studio. 

Jase from X Angelus Tattoo Studio in Wales will be having a single stall. He has been tattooing since 1995 a graphic designer before this. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and can cater for your every tattoo need. See his work at:

A multi award winning studio owned by Graham Hodgson and Pete Oz of Seven Star Tattooing specialise in custom work and shall be having a single booth for the convention.

For more information please go to:

PJ has been tattooing for over 12 years, with 4 of these years at Rising Phoenix Tattoo Studio. Prior to this he has worked in a number of studios.

His chosen style is black & grey however he has as much passion for a vibrant colour piece. PJ is well known for his portraits and dark designs.



AJ has been tattooing for the past 5 years after finishing a 3 year training course.

Now working at Rising Phoenix Tattoo in Leighton Buzzard, it’s really paying off as AJ has the freedom to be creative with custom designs.

Katt Astell of Dark Passions Tattoo Studio is an International award winning artist. Katt specialises in Black, Grey and Bio mechanical designs but is experienced in all elements of tattoo artistry and is happy to do anything.

Kim from Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio is known for her ability to draw anything freehand! She can also tattoo any style but specialises in portraits/photo realism and black and grey work.

Geoff Longley of Studio 59 is 32 & got his 1st tattoo at 18 from Mike Stratton in Milton Keynes.
He opened the Studio 59 tattoo studio in Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes in February 2011.
He likes doing all kinds of tattoo work but is really into doing Japanese style & has a leaning towards realism.

Geoff shall be having a double stall along with James Jones.

Bobby from Southmead Tattoo Studio in Bristol  shall be attending the convention. He is mainly into new school/old school aspects.

Sami Tutchener is relatively new to the tattoo industry that has a wealth of art knowledge which depicts in her tattooing. Her love of all styles of tattooing and thirst of knowledge creates a welcoming difference in her work.


Amy Edwards, Matthew Kaye & Michael Piper from Creation Custom Tattoo in Kettering shall be having a triple booth.

Graham from Suns and Roses Tattoo 108 St James Road, Northampton shall be working the convention. He has been tattooing around 5 years now, 2 and a half years with us and enjoys tattooing flowers, birds but will take on anything that he is asked to do.


Tacho from Follow Your Dreams in Sheffield shall be attending the convention.

Travelin Woody Worldwide award winning freehand tattoo artist and musician traveling and coloring the world over 20 jears specialised in freehandtattooart , ta mokofusion modern and traditional(member of :tattooclub of great britain /superdickinkoperation/tattooclub of island ) based in east germany/New Zealand /Australia   and moved to austalia this year.

For more information on Woody please visit:


Christopher Lewis from Lewis Point Tattoo Studio in Daventry shall be having a single booth. For more information visit:!/pages/Lewis-Point-Tattoo-Studio/178701775532422

Out of a mark of respect we shall be leaving this stand empty. Please give any photo's of Joe that you have and leave your business cards and your words to Joe as we will be leaving this stall empty every year in memory of Joe. All your cards and words shall be framed and put in the stall every year.

Darren shall be attending the convention on behalf of Alan's Tattoo Studio in Wirral. He specialises in traditional hand poking and electric machines.

True blue tattoo from Milton Keynes will be having a double booth over the weekend for Steve and Lianne. They specialise in different styles to tempt the palet.

Mac Mccarthy mostly known to all as Doctor Evil specialises in Scarification and Body Modifications. He is currently based in Wolverhampton...

Lee Moore from Moore Ink Clayton Le Moors will be working our show.

You can find his work here:!/groups/367450700489/


Carl Collinson has been in the tattoo industry for almost 20 years.  Carl opened 'Urban Image Tattoo' in Kinson, Bournemouth 14 years ago.

Del from All 1 Tribe specialises in Black and Grey Portraits Realism, Alex Candela's style is Neo Traditional Big Bold lines and colour and Dan Dwight does Biomechanical and Pointilism. Portfolios are viewable on

Ivano Foddai from Italy, has got his tattoo studio in Leeds named Il Rinascimento. He specialises in custom and realistic tattoos. He shall be having a booth along with Jeff Corsaro from Inkfliction, London.

For more information go to:



Representing Dynamite Tattoo's next year shall be Wayne Bewley and his wife Nicole Trower.

Wayne has been in the tattoo industry for three and a half years now specialising in comic and illustration new skool style tattooing.

Nicole specialises in realistic tattooing and has a masters degree in fine arts.


Gary Hedge owner of Hedgey's Tattoo Studio in Coventry has been tattooing for a number of years and dabbles in a bit of everything.

For more information please go to:!/pages/Hedgeys-tattoo-studio/139762036068855

Pulse Tattoo Studio from Northampton will be having a Double Booth with their artists Andy Xedge & Tom Clewes. Both of who have been tattooing for a number of years.

Holly Lee from Wyrdos Milton Keynes, has been tattooing for 8 years. She specilizes in DC & Marvel comic book/graphic novel art, Anime/Manga, Cartoons and script, but can do anything else you would like.

Sam Kitchiner from Wyrdos & Bloodline Ink  Milton Keynes, is relatively new to tattooing but has a natural talent and a thirst for knowledge. He enjoys doing colour and traditional but relishes all styles of tattooing.

Pete from Aylesbury Ink shall be attending the convention with a single booth and endless options of styles that he generates with.

For more information please go to:


Brent & Cam are from Cardigan Tattoo Studio, West Wales.
Brent has been tattooing for over 40 years in all styles of work.
Cam started as an apprentice in Paris & has been tattooing for 5yrs now, working in all styles, loves free hand & her very own style.

Nobby is from Nobbys Tattoo Parlour in Carmarthen, West Wales. He has been tattooing for 16yrs and enjoys doing all tattoo styles.

Richard Peel from Scorpio Tattoo Studio in Selby shall be attending the convention.

Picture and more information to follow:

Niall Barton from Unique Inc in Wellingborough shall be attending the convention.

Jacob has been professionally tattooing since 2008.  Most recently working at KinkyInk Inkorporated in London but now works at Artifact Tattoo in Northampton. When not busy tattooing he enjoys acrylic and oil painting, and drawing in ink.  Jacob works in many tattoo styles.  His favourite are realism, black and grey, and colour, but also excels in traditional.

Dave was born in Northampton.  Tattooing is in Dave’s blood with his dad being an artist himself.  His tattoo passion is Black & Grey, with Old School being a close second.

 Giles Inky G Twigg has 15 years experience within the Tattoo Industry. He owns a friendly, modern state of the art tattoo studio named Inky G's Tattoo's in Wolverhampton. 

Brian Hepworth from B Sharp Tattoo Studio in Leeds shall be attending the convention. He likes concept driven imagery. For this years conventions he is currently working on a set of designs that combine realistic images sourced from lovely nature photography, with stylised 'tattoo' contrasting  elements.

Jekyll and Hyde are based in Rugby who specialise in creating custom designs. They shall be having a Triple Booth this year.

For more information please go to:!/pages/Jekyll-Hyde-Tattoo-Co/191722494208750?sk=info


Pigments of Imagination specialise in custom tattoo designs giving your tattoo a unique look. Both Guy and Nicky shall be showing us just how unique their designs can be with their double booth.


Adam Senturk shall be representing Fat Fugu Tattoo Studio which is located within Northampton for the convention this year.

Lawrence Ah Ching shall be attending the convention showing us the old ways in which tattooing first began. 

Maciek shall be attending the convention on behalf of Alan's Tattoo Studio in Wirral.

Slav Salata from Rothwell Tattoo Studio within Northamptonshire shall be attending the convention.

Skinny's Ink from Birmingham shall be having a double booth at the convention.

Hypnosis tattoo studio from Peterborough shall be attending the convention.

Ouch Tattoo Studio within Northampton shall be attending the convention with a double stall.


Alan Turner from Big Al's Tattoo Studio in Doncaster shall be attending the convention.

He does not have a particular favourite style, but does enjoy a nice black and greyshade piece, and japanese style colour tattoos.

Next Generation Tattoo is a family run studio with a relaxed environment who have been serving the public since January of 1985 and are Milton Keynes longest running and only award winning tattoo studio. Lee Marshall is an award winning pioneer throughout the industry. He has achieved a lot in his tattoo career, and is well qualified in the art of tattooing as well as the technical knowledge that comes with it. With 21 years experience within the tattoo industry, and working around the world. Specialising in freehand and custom tattoo art we are sure that we can make your artistic visions a reality.!/profile.php?id=1739101156

Inkantations from Towcester shall be having a double booth.

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