Woody has been tattooing in High Wycombe for many years now and will be talking about laser removal and the pro's and con's of this process in his seminar on Sunday 20th May 2012. 

For more details on his seminar telephone Nigel on: 01604 949958.

Woody will be doing his laser tattoo removal seminar at 11a.m. on the Sunday.

If you want to book in please telephone us on the above phone number.

Mac, Dr Evil as he is normally known, has been practising scarification and body modification for many years and will be talking about the health and hygiene pro's and con's in our industry. His seminar will be on the Saturday 19th May 2012. 

If interested in this Seminar please contact Nigel on: 01604 949958.


Mac will be doing his seminar at 1pm on Sunday.

If interested please contact the above phone number.

John Anderton from Nemesis Tattoo in Durham shall be giving you all a seminar on Tattoo realism and portrait tattoo's. Giving you a little inside information on how he manages to produce fine art.


John will be doing his seminar at 1pm on the Saturday.

To book for this please contact the above number.


Mike Stratton has been tattooing for over 30 years owning a studio in Milton Keynes and is now a machine builder and tuner. He has a wealth of experience in the tattooing trade and knows just about everything you need to know about building your own tattooing machines from the geometry of the frame itself right the way through to winding the coils and tuning to perfection for a great tattoo.

He shall be showing you all of this at 4pm on the Saturday in his seminar.

To book for this please contact Nigel on: 01604 949958.

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